Cathedral and John Connon School-Pre-Primary School Information

Cathedral and John Connon School-Pre-Primary School


St. Thomas’ Cathedral, Veer Nariman Road

Fort, Mumbai(400001), Maharashtra, India


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About Us
Pre-primary school started functioning in 2004, against a backdrop of ?owerbeds, lush green skirting, and an over three-hundred-year-old St Thomas’ Cathedral. A unique play-and-learn model that integrates two levels is the leitmotif of the school. Through play and elements of the Maria Montessori method, learning proceeds vertically in combined KG and nursery classes. The school’s emphasis on experiential learning lays the ground for life’s bigger challenges. There are nature walks, monsoon activities that include watching snails and rain-dancing, as well as real-world exposure to visiting policemen, doctors and pilots. Concerts are tailor-made to strengthen and mine the individual talents of toddlers.

Principal Message
The Pre-Primary Section was born in March 2004 and is the youngest member of the Cathedral School family. Nestled warmly in the precinct of the Heritage St. Thomas’ Cathedral, Fort, the Pre-Primary Section houses the Nursery and the Lower KG classes. Our Little Garden School opens its gates every morning to the non-stop chatter, giggles and happy feet of children eagerly rushing into the School, looking forward to a day of fun and action. Our band of Teachers is equipped with reservoirs of love and warmth to help nurture the young minds to think out of the box and awaken a thirst and a healthy curiosity to know more. The children are exposed to a holistic play way method. The strongest strength and learning experience is through our Projects and through the myriad subjects and areas of a child’s world of learning. The children are involved in in-depth thinking, lateral thinking and hands-on experience to retain knowledge which helps them in their growing years. The holistic and joyful learning that happens here brings the children back to their roots even after they have moved to other Sections. Love, Learning, Joy and Laughter are the key words to describe the Pre-Primary Section. This School is a magic place… …we are making tomorrow!! Rekha Talpade Headmistress

  • child friendly furniture
  • Dance and Music
  • Fitness Centre
  • Sandpit


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Admission Procedure
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School Curriculum

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Bus Routes
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