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Gautam Nagar, New Delhi(110049), Delhi, India


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About Us
Fr. Agnel School , Gautam Nagar, was established under Art 30 (i) of the Constitution of India in the year 1979 in New Delhi with a view to providing a comprehensive education to students up to 10 plus 2 level. It was accorded recognition with effect from 1st may.Shri K.C. Pant , the then Union Minister of Education laid the foundation stone of the school building on the 3rd of April 1985, at Gautam Nagar. The school is affiliated to the C.B.S.E. Fr. Jose Alarico Carvalho, is our Founder Principal and has been at the helm of affairs from its inception and affiliation by the CBSE in 1986. Popularly known as Fr. Carvalho, he is the students' idol because of his involvement in their lives at all levels and his personal intervention in each student's life by his leadership and example. Fr. J.A. Carvalho's forte as a Principal and leader of men (and women and children) arises from the fact that he took his task seriosuly right from the begining.remembering each child by name, as well as that of his (her) parents", location and so many things more. His exceptional knowledge of facts and events has always been amazing and his ability to understand academic and non academic issues too has been marvelous. No doubt then that he is loved as an endearing leader by students.

Principal Message
Our Children's Most Crying Need! The world is beautiful because there are children and it is often stated that we know that God still loves us because we still have children. This is more than a cliché’, because children give the world the joy, the strength and the forbearance that makes this world a better place. The Family and the School converge on this most important point, the care and concern of our children and the need to help chart their future. What is the child's most important need? Surely, Love, Nutrition, Security, Shelter, Education and Opportunity are essential. Nutrition and shelter in the realm of physical wellbeing are nonnegotiable. Once these are provided, everything else: love, security, education, opportunity become indispensable, which is much beyond essential. The core and sum total of all our responsibility towards children is based on how they are provided the essentials for living quality lives, such as love, security, etc. The underlying element of all these is the need to teach children to think. And it is here that we fail most often and most critically. If our children are provided all the material and social needs and facilities but if we have not taught them to think and think critically, how will our children be able to live quality lives? Many years ago, I happened to watch a movie (accidentally) called, if! remember right, called "Chahat". Since I rarely watch movies I was pained and shocked at the violence and bloodshed in it all without any reason or function. Later on, I was dumbstruck at a movie which was being screened in a bus, which I understand is very popular, where Salman Khan is viciously violent, ruthless, etc. When our children watch such movies, which are so commonly available and loved by all, what is our perception about how our children are going to react to such scenes? Does anyone think that we will be able provide love, security and opportunity to our children to live quality lives, if our children grow up in familiarity with violence, pain caused to others, hate or discrimination? What our children, learn from those depictions? Since they are gory, they are surely bound to leave lasting impressions in the mind of our kids. How do we provide our children security, love and education in these and millions of other situations where our kids are exposed to violence in media, in real life and even at homes? Violence is primarily a mind issue. It begins how you learn to think, think well, and think well about others. In the western world it is known as liberal thinking, but truly speaking, it is right thinking, that belongs to the core our traditions in India on which the Bhagvad Gita and Upanishads are based. Our first and most important duty towards our children other than nutrition and shelter is the duty to teach to think right, and it means right from understanding your neighbor that you do not feel inclined to like, being kind to the person who is less educated than you, and trying to appreciate what others are doing, but not able to understand. That truly will be your best contribution to make a strong and dependable man or woman. God bless you.

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