How we rate?

Ribblu.com rating - The Ribblu.com Rating is a simple tool that helps you compare schools based on reviews, comments and other available data. Ribblu.com is always working to improve the rating and add more information when state education agencies make school quality data publically available.

Greater data transparency

At Ribblu.com we believe that transparency builds trust. We believe that government education agencies have an obligation to make data on school quality available to parents and the public. Data transparency helps parents know how schools in their community are doing, where there is room for improvement, and what the best options are for their children. Of particular interest is information on student outcomes, such as student test scores, high school graduation rates, course completion rates, etc. Sharing school information — good and bad — also cultivates parent engagement and trust. Additionally, it’s important that school data be made available in accessible, easy to use formats so that non-governmental organizations can use the information to inform parents and students about the quality of their local schools.

For more information on Ribblu.com’s commitment to working with government education agencies to provide better information on student outcomes, please contact us.

School is good having technical teaching staff which is giving basics education of their student. This school is providing best education of their student which is best school. Teaching staff is wel School infrastruture is good. Class teacher of 4 class especially english was good. Principal and ad