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Recent Reviews

Patna Doon Public School
Aditi aditi:

Very good School .Their staffs are very good and helpful.

DAV Public School - New Panvel
Asutosh kumar:

Very nice school ! There are many facilities such as educomp , transport, canteen, computer lab, library, ATL robotics lab and much more!Also the school help us to create our passion into a profession. There are many sports that you can participate in and get trained for. My child is doing so much well in the school and I am very happy with good features. Thank you !

P.P. International School
Deepika batra:

PP INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL is a well renowned educational institute in the area. Here teachers can learn how to make kids understand the basic values to be good citizen along with their academics. The management is very helpful. Teaching is a really great experience with such management.P.P International School is one of the best school in North Delhi, providing education in a fun way to the students with the latest technology. The school provides great opportunities to the students helping them to become self-reliant and creative

P.P. International School
Winny gakhar:

Great work place and ambience.This school has child-centered approach.This school is a good place to put your child into.

P.P. International School
Poonam seth:

Wonderful school with amazingly supportive and experienced staff. Highly recommended

Little Angels Nursery School & Daycare - Gurjinder Vihar
Shiekha duggal:

Perfect school for toddlers and early leaning environment.

P.P. International School
Shikha singh:

P.P.International School is one of the best school in all the aspects. School provide all facilities to the students which make their learning more easy. Academic level is so high .School focus on co-curricular activities also which enhance over all development of a student.

P.P. International School
Aditi sabharwal:

P.P International School is a best school giving quality education in the Delhi. I am so happy to be a part of this school . It have good infrastructure and management. Students are really amazing and always give respect to teachers. As a teacher we get many opportunity to learn many new things. I have to spend time working specially with student. Thank You

P.P. International School
Jyoti arora:

P.P. International School is one of the best school in Delhi. I am very impressed with P.P. International School's atmosphere of making every student feel welcome and included. Great Principal and staff that care for kids and their success. The school has latest technologies and techniques for teaching. Infrastructure of the school is excellent. I am very pleased with my child's progress. I am so pleased with the education my son has received this year. I couldn't have asked for a better start to his schooling.Thank you for all the staff for being so wonderful.

P.P. International School
Sumeeti beniwal:

P.P International School is one of the most renowned institutions of Delhi. The school focuses on the overall development of a child. Teachers are well trained and meet all the needs of the students by adopting various teaching methodologies and technology. It is a new age learning school. The school is having a positive environment with all the facilities.

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