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Recent Reviews

The Cambridge International School - TCIS
Rittick das:

I recommend them. The Cambridge International School located in Harlur near Sarjapur road.I was looking for a school which gives proper education as well as curriculum activities. From one of my friend I got to know about this school. After visiting the campus and knowing more about the school We were impressed with the school’s excellence in sports, arts, and music, as well as the academic side.

Sentia The Global School

School run just based on the Chair man commands. What ever he says is right . he will not event listen to the parents what they say. To cover up school mistakes they plan such that first right the diary notes.

Vibgyor High School - Goregaon
Swapnali mahapadi:

Awesome Conceptual Teaching..River of Knowledge...Really Worth..

St. Xaviers Sr. Sec.School
Ajay prasad:


St. Arnold's School and Junior College
Asaf mardi:

very good school. my kids learns a lot all the teachers well educated. give more individual attentions.

Sri Vani Education Centre - Rajaji Nagar
Sourabha :

Namaste , The recorded lesson video (Geography subject) which you had sent was good but the audio was bit not clear . Thank you

Somerville School - Vasundhara Enclave
Agnimitra gayen:

Very nice school. It is very big. Very nice teavhers. Study well.. many labs. Nice staffs Helps alot. Very nice school.

The Cambridge International School - TCIS
Alafasy duaa:

I want to wholeheartedly thank TCIS, harlur branch put up in the South of Bangalore for the immense overall contribution to my daughter's successful academic portfolio. TCIS is one of the top international schools in bangalore with a strong CBSE academic curriculum. This prestigious school not only provides good academic assistance but also focuses on various skill developing activities. One unique quality they have to offer is taking students' interests into consideration and conducting multiple exercises and drills to cater to their needs. TCIS is known for it's excellent standards with modern infrastructure and a safe environment. It also provides a perfect balance between academics and sports. I would highly recommend this school to the parent's community.

The Cambridge International School - TCIS
Harsh beniwal:

TCIS is one of the best schools in South Bangalore located on the Harlur road. I take pride in saying this because my son has been studying in this school for the past 3 years and I have seen tremendous changes in his personality development skills and his creativity skills. I have also noticed how physically active he is for his age. All these credits go to TCIS for molding my son's behavioural changes and development. TCIS provides top amenities for its students and encourages students to focus and grow in other aspects like extra curriculums as well. I would highly recommend this school to any parent looking for a school change for their children in bangalore. TCIS is surely not going to disappoint your expectations and your child's schooling experience.

The Cambridge International School - TCIS
Rahul chatterjee:

The Cambridge International school has been wonderfully supportive school which encourages and nurtures with a smaller environment with good teachers. It has a strong ethos without creating a pressurized environment. Students get exposure in all areas, which will be helpful for their overall development. I'd really say it's been a fantastically supportive place.

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