School review guidelines

Welcome to — your community resource to get and share information about schools! Helping parents get a great education for their children is our mission. We invite you to join us in this effort by rating and reviewing your child’s school. To ensure your review is helpful to as many parents as possible, we ask that you follow our community and school review guidelines.

School reviews are a way for parents, teachers, students, and caregivers who have had recent, direct experience with a school to share its strengths and weaknesses. Sharing your honest opinions will help families find the best school for their child.

  • Show respect: We’re all in this together. Please be civil and thoughtful in your review. No name-calling, obscenities, or hateful, inflammatory, or otherwise inappropriate language. This is not a space for personal attacks.

  • Focus on quality: The most helpful reviews provide information about the overall quality of a school, such as observations about school leadership, school facilities, teacher quality, parent involvement, and programs offered (or lack thereof).

  • Safety always: Safety is important to all of us, especially when it comes to our children. Threats against a school, its staff, or its student body are unacceptable. If you are concerned about or know of illegal and/or criminal activity, please report it to the proper authorities.

  • Be honest, keep it current: Please do not post outdated information. We prefer reviews from parents whose children have a recent, direct experience with the school, students (age 13 or older) who attend the school, and current or recent teachers, staff, and volunteers at the school.

One review per person for each review topic: At this time, we allow one review per person, per school, for each review topic. (An ‘overall’ review is one topic; other review topics include honesty, teachers, respect, etc.) When you update a review using the ‘Manage Review’ feature, your edits will update your existing review.

Review moderation policies

To ensure high-quality school reviews on, we employ both automated and manual moderation systems. Due to the volume of reviews we receive, we are not able to read them all. Instead, we rely on you to flag reviews that do not meet our guidelines.

Please keep in mind that while community members are responsible for the content of their posts, we reserve the right to remove any review that does not meet our guidelines or that we deem inappropriate or offensive.

Student reviews

All reviews submitted by students must be read in advance by a moderator and are posted if they meet our guidelines. Please be patient as this may take a few days.

Greater data transparency

At we believe that transparency builds trust. We believe that government education agencies have an obligation to make data on school quality available to parents and the public. Data transparency helps parents know how schools in their community are doing, where there is room for improvement, and what the best options are for their children. Of particular interest is information on student outcomes, such as student test scores, high school graduation rates, course completion rates, etc. Sharing school information — good and bad — also cultivates parent engagement and trust. Additionally, it’s important that school data be made available in accessible, easy to use formats so that non-governmental organizations can use the information to inform parents and students about the quality of their local schools.

For more information on’s commitment to working with government education agencies to provide better information on student outcomes, please contact us.

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