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Glorious Public School


Opp. Dharamkunj Apartment, Sector – 9

Rohini, New Delhi(110085), Delhi, India

9873240446, 9711789460, 011-27554575,27557249

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About Us
Glorious Educational Society was founded and registered in 1987 – 88 under the society registration Act 1973 on the basis ideal of service. The prime objective is to bring excellence, quality’s and innovation in the field of education and the welfare of the children. And, we who man the institution are ourselves deeply inspired by the same ideal of service, concern and competition. Educationalist are busy up – dating the context and process of education today. And we are fully aware of the changes taking place in every aspect. We aspire to mould our student into civilized and responsible humans who are capable of bringing social change. Let this be the objective for us and for you.

Principal Message
At the very outset, I would like to highlight that, ‘Guru Devo Bhava’ – ‘The teacher is god’, has now transformed to Guru Mitram Bhava’ – The teacher is friend. Not only does this encapsulate the changing face of education but also the shift in teacher student relationship. The god like powers invested to a teacher have now meta morph zed to an open relationship where the student is free to chat, conference confide and conclude his/ her problems to the teachers rather than only revering and fearing the tutor. The role of a teacher has now become even more complex. He is not only the guiding light but also the path and the journey through which the child wil travel to wards his AIMS – Achievements , intelligence , mannerism and success ……so the moral of the story is P R A Y A S is indispensable.

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  • School Building

    The school is amidst the presatigion cooperative group housing society area of Sector – 9, F Block, Rohini at the moment and is suitable for a modern educational institution. The infrastructure of the school building reflects commitment to the appropri

Admission Procedure
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School Curriculum

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Bus Routes
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