Ashish Kamedia
Oct 2, 2020

Insolation or Solar Radiation is the amount of energy received on the earth surface from the sun but only one part out of two billion parts reaches the earth. So, out of total 100% solar energy only 51% reaches the earth, 35% reflected back to into space and only 14% is absorbed by the ozone layer.

The Insolation is in the form of short waves. Much of this radiation is reflected back from the earth through different atmospheric layers before reaching the earth surface and is called Albedo.However, it should be noted that Earth’s temperature remains constant irrespective of the insolation. This is because it loses the same amount of heat it has gained through insolation. This is called the heat budget or heat balance.

The factors which influence the amount of insolation received by earth surface is:

  1. Rotation of the earth
  2. latitude of the location
  3. Duration of the day
  4. Clouds, i.e. Transparency of the atmosphere