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HAL Public School


Suranjandas Road

Vimanpura, Bangalore(560017), Karnataka, India


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About Us
HAL Public School was the vision of the then Chairman of HAL, Bangalore, Dr. Krishnadas Nair, who wanted to establish a CBSE school for the benefit of the HAL employees. It became a reality in the year 1999. The school was started on 16th June 1999 with Mrs. Shobha Rajiv at its helm, 7 staff members and 67 students. It was the toil of the then Chairman of HAL Township Education Committee Mr. B. Chatterji, the Vice Chairman, Mr. V. M. Chamola and the Secretary, Mr. P.D. Diwakara, that the school got its affiliation in 2001. Ever since its inception HAL Public School has been growing at a breathtaking pace. It got upgraded to Senior Secondary level in the year 2008, with Science stream PCMB & PCMC. Today the school has classes from LKG to XII with 850 students and 40 staff members.

Principal Message
As the founder Principal of the school, I have been exceedingly fortunate in working closely with many a distinguished personalities and learning from each and every one of them. This learning process has enabled me in setting the school on a firm foundation. We have now reached this echelon because of the teamwork and the spirit of camaraderie. Apt is the school emblem ‘the banyan tree’ which keeps growing, spreading, giving shade and comfort to those under its protection. Growth here has been in terms of adequate structural facilities, student strength and staff members. This dynamism combined with concomitant expansion has given rise to the familiar contours of the institution. Along with the steel network supporting impressive structures, there also developed a supportive web of human relationship within the campus. The indomitable human spirit with its distinct sensitivity has been the underlying ethos of HAL Public School, creating the atmosphere which makes this school special. Beyond the goals of literacy, schools play a role as agents of change in a world of social injustice by inculcating in students qualities of selfless generosity, loving concern for others along with the capacity of true and enduring loyalty, moral courage, integrity, hard work and honesty. This has been the unwritten curriculum that has functioned as the underlying basis for the type of education imparted here, creating an environment so congenial and unique which everyone is proud of. The task ahead of us is clear enough. The past has defined for us pathways that are sound and well thought out. Circumstances may have changed necessitating adaptations in approaching the goals that have been set forth. We have honestly strived with undying effort and sincerity in achieving our goals and will definitely continue to do so. One is ever hopeful that while the structural appearance of HPS may continue to keep changing, the spirit that animates it will remain enduring.

  • Audio Visual room
  • Badminton
  • basketball
  • Biology Lab
  • carom
  • Chemistry Lab
  • chess
  • Computer Lab
  • Cricket
  • football
  • Library
  • Maths Lab
  • Music Room
  • Physics Lab
  • Play Ground
  • Sports Facilities
  • table tennis
  • Throw Ball
  • Volley Ball

  • Games and Sport

    Compulsory sports, play a crucial role in bringing about a holistic development of the students. Theoretical knowledge is imparted along with training for athletic events and both indoor and outdoor games. The sports room has equipments for games like chess, carrom, table-tennis, badminton, cricket, throw ball, basket ball, volley ball and football which can cater to many classes at a time.

  • Class Room

    Learning is effective in spacious and open atmosphere. With this in mind the school provides the students with airy and well-ventilated classrooms. Each class room has a reading corner which gives an easy access to reading cards, puzzles and word-building games. The students also maintain a class library to inculcate the habit of reaching out for books during their free hour.

  • Physics Lab

    Experiment is the test of knowledge. It is the sole judge of scientific ‘truth’. Laboratory work is essential in the study of Physics. Students get experience in analyzing experimental results at various levels of sophistication, ranging from purely qualitative to highly quantitative. Students are able to graph data and describe the relationships between quantities both in their own words and in terms of the mathematical relationship between the variables. The abstract concepts become concrete phenomenon when children carry out the experiments in the well-equipped laboratories. Each student gets an opportunity to carry out the experiments, activities and projects as per the CBSE curriculum.

  • Chemistry Lab

    The chemistry laboratory is well equipped with various reagents and apparatus required to acquaint the students with various theoretical and practical aspects of chemistry. The safety measures are strictly adhered to and the students find a conducive atmosphere for learning. Students are allowed to do experiments by themselves so that they understand the science behind the magic of chemical reactions.

  • Biology Lab

    The study of biology provides students with opportunities to develop an understanding of our living world. A spacious and well-equipped laboratory with specimens, models and equipments provides an ambience for the students to develop scientific temperament by enhancing their observation skills and analytical abilities. They collect and interpret data of life processes, living organisms, and/or simulations of living phenomena. Students assimilate the knowledge based upon experimental results and accurate observations gained through a variety of experiences. Thus, the role of the laboratory and field learning becomes a key component in understanding biology.

  • Composite Lab

    The school also has a composite science lab which caters to the students of primary and middle school where they unravel and explore the world of science.

  • Maths Lab

    Mathematics Laboratory is a novel concept which enables students to learn and explore mathematical concepts and verify facts and theorems. The laboratory has been setup with the intention to stimulate interest and develop favourable attitude towards mathematics, among the students. It provides an opportunity for students to understand and internalize the basic mathematical concepts through concrete objects and situations. The laboratory provides greater involvement of both the mind and the hand which facilitates cognitive and psycomotor development in students. It aims at creating confidence in the students having difficulties, using a different approach to teach the subject. It provides a fun filled learning experience for the child.

  • Library

    The library houses more than 8,000 books which include general reference, subject reference, autobiographies, fiction, non-fiction, periodicals and magazines. The library also has a digital section which is stocked with informative and entertaining CD’s and DVD’s for enhanced learning.

Admission Procedure
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School Curriculum

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Bus Routes
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Photo Gallery
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Video Gallery
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