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Saffron Public School


Ashoka Enclave- II

Sector-37, Faridabad(121003), Haryana, India


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About Us
Saffron Public School is CBSE affiliated till 10+2. Our school provides good quality education, an environment to students to know, create, learn, explore, experiment, analyse and grow with confidence, firmly rooted in our great culture& values. We also put in efforts to sensitize ourstudents to become loving, responsible and promising citizens of India. As a Saffron family we are committed to soar higher and higher in the field of education. At Saffron Public School we treat each child as individual and give personal attention to shape a well-balanced personality. A child is like wet clay, who can be moulded into a multidimensional, pleasing and charming person for which our team of dedicated and committed teachers are not only a source of motivation but are ever ready to extend a helping hand to parents whenever and wherever required.

  • Biology Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Transportation

  • Audio Visual Room

    An Audio Visual room with Projector & Multimedia kits are utilized for Compute Aided Learning for various subjects of all classes.

  • Science Laboratories

    Newly renovated and beautifully designed Physics, Chemistry and Biology labs which are well equipped for practical work, activity based learning and which also facilitate project work for all students.

  • Physics Lab

    With the help of Physics lab students enhance their learning capabilities by doing practicals independently.

  • Chemistry Lab

    Experiments are explained with intricacies kept in mind so that the concept is clearly imbibed in the young minds. The Chemistry Lab is one of the most interesting areas for science students to learn this science hands-on way, with thelaboratory experim

  • Biology Lab

    The expression "hands-on, minds-on" summarizes the philosophy that students will learn best if they are actively engaged and if their activities are closely linked to understanding important biological concepts.

  • Maths Lab

    Well equipped for all kinds of hands on activities for students, it includes manipulatives and games to facilitate better learning of concepts. Here students learn the complicated mathematical concepts with fun.

  • Library

    The school has a large library with an excellent collection of books, journals, magazines and complete set of Britannica Encyclopaedia. Library has electronic material like CD, audio and video cassettes as well. These materials help students to develop ex

  • Physical Education

    The physical education room stocks an assortment of equipment for various major games like cricket, badminton, football, handball, kho-kho etc. athletic games like hurdles, discus throw, high jump level stand. The school offers basketball court, skat

  • Transportation

    The school has a convoy of buses manned by experienced drivers and conductors. The smooth plying of the buses is the responsibility of the bus supervisor. All students are expected to follow bus rules.

  • Art & Craft

    Sorry! The schoool has not posted any detail information about this facility.

  • Vocal Music and Dance

    Sorry! The schoool has not posted any detail information about this facility.

Admission Procedure
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School Curriculum

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Bus Routes
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Photo Gallery
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Video Gallery
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