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Mount Litera Zee School


Index City, NH- 59 A

Nemawar Road, Indore(452016), Madhya Pradesh, India

0731-4201990, 4201991, 7389910700, 9755504222, 9755000803

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About Us
Mount Litera Zee School is one of the largest and most sought after education institutes in the country. Mount Litera Zee School has 130 schools across the country and 65 are in edifice. Endorsing the Zee Learn philosophy, Mount Litera Zee School focuses on customizing learning and fostering real understanding keeping in mind that each child learns differently. It drives children to sculpt the unique potential , within them enables them to be life-long learners and contribute to the knowledge economy of the nation. Mount Litera Zee School imparts a holistic education based on a path-breaking model which has pivotal underpinnings. At Mount Litera Zee School Indore, we invite you to come and witness the unique Mount Litera Zee School experience and work together towards growing your unique child. "Mount Litera Zee School, Indore has been conceived as an answer to the ever growing need for world class schools in the city with the purpose to nurture the unique potential of the students entrusted in our care. It aims to offer a liberal and enlightened environment in education to keep pace with the dynamic trends. The unquenchable and insatiable thirst for excellence is the eternal spirit which the students are imbibed with to achieve the aim set by its ideology. The school has been founded under the aegis of Index Group Indore in 2012."

Principal Message
Dear reader Warm greetings! Education, today, has taken a 360 degree turn. However, the basic 3Rs principle – main focus on Reading, Writing & Arithmetic stands much valid even today. Reading & writing skills enhance linguistic skills of a child and Arithmetic enhances logical skills. If the duo is strong, the child will never fail in any of his/her efforts because of clarity of concepts & expression. Strong communication skill is another area of excellence sought after in the modern times. Keeping these facts in view, Mount Litera Zee School primarily focuses on innovative thinking and being techno savvy in respect of its students. We strongly believe in exploring individual talent, aspiration, fullest academic excellence, and physical potential and value-based development of every child. Here, parents’ role becomes very significant, for, they are expected to uphold the values inculcated in their child by the school. Secondly, they must encourage their child to compete with herself/himself before competing with others. This simply means that the child must surpass his/her previous performance each time. If we are able to follow these hints, I can assure a very healthy, happy and congenial teaching-learning environment in every learning institution. Wishing you a very happy learning and education, With kindest Regards, O.S. Shukla Principal

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