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Rajhans Vidyalaya


HMP School Campus,Near Bhavan’s College,Munshi Nagar, D.N. Road

Andheri West, Mumbai(400058), Maharashtra, India

(022) - 26243529,26234805


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About Us
The school owes its existence to a large-hearted philanthropist Seth Hansraj Morarji and his equally noble and generous wife Bai Kabibai alias Hiravahu. Shri Hansraj Morarji came to Mumbai from his native village in Gujarat and had an ardent desire to eke out a happy living in Mumbai. His honesty, sincerity, perseverance, assiduity and dedication helped him in achieving his objective and when he departed for heavenly abode, he bequeathed a large sum of money and considerable immovable property to his wife Bai Kabibai. As the couple had no offspring, Bai Kabibai formed a trust with the money and the property bequeathed to her. The trust was formed in 1930 in which it was stipulated that it would run a Public School, another school in the residence in the Fort area, some dispensaries and dharamshalas and one sadavrat. The Public School materialized in 1939 when Dr. K.M. Munshi, the then Home Minister of Bombay (as Mumbai was then known) and chairman of Bai Kabibai and Hansraj Morarji Charity Trust, secured for the school a large plot of land measuring about 120 acres at Andheri. It is in this school campus that Rajhans Vidyalaya is functioning as a separate institution.

Principal Message
All of us today realize that schooling does not nurture the entire potential of a child. A remarkable performance in school examination need not present a great success in life. The question that arises here is, do we consider ourselves to be learning centers or examination centers? Unfortunately in our system, every achievement is based on marks and this itself distorts the basic aim of education. If we balance knowledge and interest against percentage, the scale is tilted towards the latter. Private tution worsens the drudgery of the students. In this juggle between exam and results, we have forgotten the very 'purpose of education’. “Education is a way of living”. It does not teach you only to read and write but to be a good human being. We have a sincere responsibility of moulding the future generation. In our rigid system of pencil-paper skills, less privileged, handicapped and students with learning disabilities have no place in the regular stream. They are left to special schools or to fend for themselves. In Rajhans Vidyalaya we believe in a holistic approach. Inclusive practice is a part of our policy. ‘Inclusive Education ‘, means that all students in school, irrespective of their disabilities in any area, become part of the community. Inclusive means meeting the needs of the children with disabilities for a free and equal education in the least restrictive and most effective environment. Let us, teachers and parents, sensitize to make school into learning centers which will nurture all individuals who come into its fold.

  • Art Room
  • Audio Visual room
  • basketball
  • Biology Lab
  • Chemistry Lab
  • Computer Lab
  • Counselling Room
  • Cricket
  • Dance and Music
  • Engineering Lab
  • football
  • Gymnasium
  • lawn tennis
  • Library
  • Maths Lab
  • Mess
  • Physics Lab
  • Play Ground
  • Softball
  • Spacious & Well Ventilated Classrooms
  • Theatre
  • Yoga


    The couseling centre provides the emotional, behavioural and academic support to the students who show signs of disconnect. It identifies children with learning disability and integrates them with the school system by informing teachers and parents, besides training them to enhance their perfectual skills. Under certain circumstances, the opinion of certain psychiatrists, physiotherapists and occupational therapists are also sought.

  • Play Ground

    In a city where open space comes at a premium, the students of Rajhans Vidyalaya are fortunate to play in their very own school playground.

  • Games and Sport

    The school boasts of a 400 metre athletic track, a cricket field, a football field and a basketball court. Apart from conducting cricket and football matches in the sprawling playground, other sporting activities like basketball, softball, netball are also conducted in the ‘basket ball court’. The school also has 12 Lawn Tennis Courts where state and even National level Tournaments are conducted. The playgrounds have their own inbuilt Stage where felicitation ceremonies for various indoor and outdoor activities take place.

  • Dining Hall

    “A healthy mind lives in a healthy body”. Rajhans Vidyalaya believes in this adage and thus provides wholesome, fresh, hygienic, balanced and nutritious snacks and lunch for our students as well as teachers. The dining hall is huge and caters to 700 people at a time. Stress is laid on quality with a dietician on panel who reviews the menu from time to time. The staff involved with food service are put to regular medical check-up. The kitchen is huge , well equipped and well maintained.

  • Art Room

    “Art is the expression of the soul”-The aesthetically decorated ‘ART ROOM’ is where the students pursue their hobbies with passion. It provides canvases, paint, brushes and other paraphernalia needed to create some of the stirring images and artefacts.

  • Library

    Rajhans Vidyalaya takes pride in hosting a huge spacious library where over 24,000 books are available to students from Std. I to XII. The library is open throughout the school hours. Books ranging from fiction, biographies, text books, reference books to encyclopedia, dictionaries and anthologies are available. Since the books are arranged in open racks, it is easy for children to choose and pick their desired book. It is mandatory for each class to spend one period in a week in the library.

  • Lab Facility

    Our school has well ventilated, spacious, well lit Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Maths and Engineering Graphics labs equipped in accordance with CBSE board. We maintain the quality of the chemicals and the branded instruments. In Physics lab, there is a dark room to conduct LIGHT experiments. The labs nurture like an invisible force, the scientists of tomorrow.

  • Audio Visual Room

    To show rather than tell, to make learning fun-filled rather than boring, the school has a spacious Audio-Visual Room. It has a computer and a projector & through Presentations designed by teachers & students, the students discover knowledge the fun way.

  • Computer Lab

    In this age of Information technology, it is imperative that children from their junior classes are exposed to the basics of computers. Our school has two fully air conditioned computer labs- one catering to the students of Primary and Secondary Section and the other for the Sr. Secondary Section. Both the labs are equipped with latest software, laser printers and scanners. The high speed Broadband Internet Connection and LAN connection exploits all the possibilities of the Info age, thereby delivering the best and most effective education.

  • Theatre Room

    “Life is a stage where every man plays his role”. A large auditorium cum multipurpose hall is one of the most proud possessions of the school where a variety of inter-school and intra-school activities are held. The auditorium has a seating arrangement for around 550 people. The hall is flanked by an air-conditioned green room (where the students change their dresses for the show). The equipment and facilities available in the auditorium can compete with any commercial hall elsewhere. The theatre hall also has a projector fitted at the stage.

  • Gymnasium

    Besides the huge play ground and basketball court, the school houses a well equipped, spacious gymnasium for all kinds of indoor games like-badminton, carrom, chess, etc. During the sports days the gymnasium hall is abuzz with activities.

Admission Procedure
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School Curriculum

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Bus Routes
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