CBSE Sample Question Paper for Class 6 Social Science Studies

Social Science Studies for Class 6 is considered to be one of the most important and immensely scoring subjects. And the best way to prepare apart from completing NCERT and reference books is solving CBSE Sample Papers. Here on Ribblu one can get immense collection of Sample Question Papers for Class 6 Social Science Studies in PDF format for free.

Social Science Studies Topics to be covered for Class 6

  • Understanding Diversity
  • Diversity and Discrimination
  • Panchayti Raj
  • The Earth in Solar System
  • Globe - Latitudes and Longitudes
  • Motions of the Earth
  • What, Where, How and When?
  • From Hunting-Gathering to Growing Food
  • In the Earliest Cities
  • Kingdoms, Kings and an Early Republic
  • Rural Administration
  • Urban Administration
  • Urban Livelihoods
  • Maps
  • Major Domains of the Earth
  • Our Country: India
  • New Questions and Ideas
  • Ashoka: The Emperor Who Gave Up War
  • raders, Kings and Pilgrims

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What are CBSE Sample Papers?

Sample papers are mainly a kind of mock tests or model test papers which are prepared in accordance with the latest syllabus and guidelines that are issued by the central board. These examination test papers are designed as the replica of the actual papers that are asked in final examinations. All the marking schemes , number of questions , types of questions asked are followed as per board scheme and are issued to students two or three months before the examinations so that students get enough time to practice.

What is the importance of Sample Papers for Students?

In order to access the level of preparation done by any particular student he or she needs to solve CBSE Sample Papers. These papers are the perfect way to practise for the final board exam. If one wants to have a clear idea of how the final exam papers would be in terms of level of difficulty, time and other aspects then , all students must make sure that they do sample papers once their course revision is finished.

Few benefits of solving CBSE sample papers are given below:

  • Gauging Self Performance: Understanding and revising the subject is very good, but unless one attempts the sample paper in the lookalike environment as in board exam, seldom can the student identify and check whether the understanding of all concepts of the subject are complete or not. Once students try the question paper in the same time frame he or she is able to judge the capability of solving the paper in the stipulated time frame. It highlights the weak areas if any and gives students ample amount of time to work on those areas and be better prepared before exams.
  • Testing Time Criticality: Knowing is not everything as far as board papers are concerned. Sometimes it happens that in spite of knowing everything a student falls short of time to complete the entire paper and thus loses marks. Generally CBSE sample papers are generally of 3 hour duration. So while practicing sample papers it is imperative to create a board like environment at home and ensure that sample paper is attempted only in 3 hours and then check whether it was possible to complete the paper in the desired amount of time. Often at first students take longer than expected, and thus they get early warning to practice more and increase the speed.
  • Exam Anxiety: Sometimes sensitive students feel anxious to sit in the examination hall with a 3 hour length paper and for them it becomes a more intense requirement to practice prior to main exams and get rid of any kind of fear. Since they do not know what questions will be asked in the CBSE board they create panic in their mind due to this fear of the unknown and get scared with the idea that they might not be able to do well in exams. Thus such students needs to complete at-least 7-10 sample papers prior to the exams, to gain confidence and get into better frame of mind.

Best Time to Practice Sample Papers

This mainly varies from student to student but in general students should start dealing with sample papers as soon as their book revisions are over. Infact along with sample papers students should also look for model test papers of various publishers and attempt them to get the idea of level of preparation. As the dates of exam are approaching near by that time only samples papers should be mainly considered for practice and in case of any shortcomings those should be thoroughly discussed with teachers freids and other concerned person so that one has clarity before attempting the final paper.