CBSE Worksheets for Class 2 English

Download free Printable Worksheets for CBSE Class 2 English and Grammar . We offer the most exclusive database free worksheets as per CBSE NCERT and KVS standards. The aim of these free printable worksheets is to provide a platform for vigorous practice and provide ease to students to remember answers. Here you will find Worksheets with question answers for each chapter of the prescribed books in accordance with NCERT & CBSE Syllabus. These Worksheets help Grade 2 students practice English Grammar, Literature and Writing Skills based Questions and exercises on Nouns, Pronouns, Tenses, Verb, Punctuations, Adjective, Prepositions, Adverb and Unseen Passages.

Get Kendriya Vidyalaya Class 2 English Worksheets which are shared by expert teachers, parents and students to strengthen student’s understanding. Class 2 English Worksheets will help you to have stronger concepts and get higher score in examinations. By Solving these types of worksheets , they not only boost academic proficiency in all Class 2 subjects, but also make the learning experience more fun. With the help of worksheets students get helpful resources for completing their daily lessons and learning activities for all chapters. Being the first stage of higher education class 2 students require advance resources to understand all subjects. Textbooks are not enough for them to continue self-study after learning through classroom sessions. CBSE has prepared worksheets for giving students adequate sources for understanding concepts at deeper level. It is very important to clear basic concepts of children for their advance learning. So, students start depending on CBSE worksheets for their complete exam preparation

Latest CBSE Class 2 English Worksheets

Class 2 Opposite Words English Worksheet - St. Andrews ICSE Grade 2 English Worksheet - June 2023 Noun Worksheet for CBSE Class 2 Noun Worksheet for Class 2 Class 2 English Worksheet on The Mitten - Lesson 10 CBSE Grade 2 Simple Past Tense ( Irregular ) Worksheet - Leaders Private School, Sharjah CBSE Grade 2 English Worksheet on The Happy Field Lesson - Leaders Private School, Sharjah Adjective Worksheets for CBSE Class 2 Grade 2 Adjectives Worksheets - Grammar Practice Adjectives Practice Worksheet for Class 2 English Grammar Adjectives and Nouns Worksheets for Grade 2 - Grammar Antonyms for Grade 2 - Opposite Words Worksheets Opposite Words Worksheet Exercises for CBSE Class 2 Doing Words Worksheet for CBSE Class 2 Verbs Worksheet for Class 2 English Grammar Grade 2 Verbs Worksheets - English Grammar Common and Proper Nouns Worksheets - Class 2 Grammar Identify the Common Nouns | Class 2 Grammar Worksheets Naming Words Worksheet Exercises for CBSE Class 2 Using Common Pronouns Worksheets - English Grammar Pronoun Worksheets - 2nd Grade Grammar Practice Pronouns Worksheet For CBSE Class 2 - NCERT CBSE Class 2 English Prepositions Worksheet English Preposition Worksheet for CBSE Class 2 Grade 2 Preposition Worksheets and Exercises Grade 2 Adverb Worksheets - Grammar Using Conjunctions Worksheets for Grade 2 - Grammar Joining Words Worksheet Exercises for CBSE Class 2 Free Conjunctions Worksheets for Grade 2 Grammar Singular and Plural Noun Worksheets CBSE Class 2 Plural Nouns Worksheets for Grade 2 - English Grammar 2nd Grade Adverbs Worksheets - English Grammar Adverbs Worksheets for Class 2 - English Grammar Kinds of Sentences Worksheet For CBSE Class 2 Jumbled Sentences Worksheet Exercises for CBSE Class 2 Homophones- Same Sounds | English Grade 2 Worksheet Homophones Worksheets for CBSE Class 2 Punctuation Worksheet Exercises for CBSE Class 2 CBSE Class 2 English Punctuation Worksheet Grade 2 Punctuation Worksheets - English Grammar Articles Worksheet Exercises for CBSE Class 2 CBSE Class 2 English Articles Worksheet ( a, an, the) Common and Proper Noun Grammar Worksheet for Class 2 CBSE Class 2 English Revision Assignment Worksheet - St.John’s CBSE Class 2 Common and Proper Noun English Worksheet CBSE Class 2 Plurals English Worksheet CBSE Class 2 Opposite Words English Worksheet - 2020 CBSE Class 2 English Verb Exercise Worksheet Class 2 English Worksheet - Haldi's Adventure Class 2 English Worksheet - First Day At School

CBSE 2 Class Syllabus English: Marigold

  • First Day at School (Poem)
  • Haldi’s Adventure (Story)
  • The Paddling Pool (Poem)
  • I am Lucky (Poem)
  • I Want (Story)
  • A Smile, If You’re Happy and You Know It (Rhyme) (Poem)
  • The Wind and Sun (Story)
  • Rain (Poem)
  • Storm in the Garden (Story)
  • Zoo Manners (Poem)
  • Funny Bunny (Story)
  • Mr. Nobody (Poem)
  • Curlylocks and the Three Bears (Story)
  • On My Blackboard I can Draw (Poem)
  • Make it Shorter (Story)
  • The Mouse and the Pencil (Story)
  • I am the Music Man (Poem)
  • The Mumbai Musicians (Story)
  • Granny Granny Please Comb My Hair (Poem)
  • The Magic Porridge Pot (Story)
  • Strange tal (Poem)
  • The Grasshopper and the Ant (Story)

CBSE Syllabus for Class 2 English: Raindrop

  • Chapter 1: Action Song (Poem)
  • Chapter 2: Our Day
  • Chapter 3: My Family
  • Chapter 4: What’s Going On?
  • Chapter 5: Mohan, The Potter
  • Chapter 6: Rain in Summer (Poem)
  • Chapter 7: My Village
  • Chapter 8: The Work People Do
  • Chapter 9: Work (Poem)
  • Chapter 10: Our National Symbols
  • Chapter 11: The Festivals of India
  • Chapter 12: The Monkey and The Elephant
  • Chapter 13: Going to the Fair
  • Chapter 14: Colours (Poem)
  • Chapter 15: Sikkim

CBSE Class 2 English Grammar Syllabus PDF

  • Unit 1 – Adjectives
  • Unit 2 – Opposites
  • Unit 3 – Verbs
  • Unit 4 – Nouns
  • Unit 5 – Tenses
  • Unit 6 – Pronouns
  • Unit 7 – Preposition
  • Unit 8 – Conjunction
  • Unit 9 – Singular & Plural
  • Unit 10 – Young one of the animals
  • Unit 11 – Animal sound
  • Unit 12 – Silent letters
  • Unit 13 – Adverbs
  • Unit 14 – Riddles
  • Unit 15 – Articles
  • Unit 16 – Picture Composition

*Reading: Practice of Seen and Unseen Passages for comprehension followed by short answer questions

*The teacher may give keywords to the students when and where required for the activities

CBSE Class 2 English Question Papers

Important Questions for Class 2 English Chapter Wise

English Revision Notes for Class 2

Previous Year Question Paper CBSE Class 2 English

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Why do one Children need Worksheets for Practice ?

It is very old saying that one can build a large building if the foundation is strong and sturdy. This holds true for studies also. Worksheets are essential and help students in the in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts. Practicing solving a lot of worksheets, solving numerous types of questions on each topic holds the key for success. Once basic concepts and fundamentals have been learnt, the next thing is to learn their applications by practicing problems. Practicing the problems helps us immensely to gauge how well we have understood the concepts.

There are times when students just run through any particular topic with casual awareness there by missing out on a few imperative “between the lines” concepts. Such things are the major causes of weak fundamental understandings of students. So in such cases Worksheets act as a boon and critical helpful tool which gauges the in-depth understanding of children highlighting doubts and misconceptions, if any.

Worksheets classifies the important aspects of any topic or chapter taught in the class in a very easy manner and increases the awareness amongst students.When students try to solve a worksheet they get to understand what are the key important factors which needs the main focus.Sometimes it happens that due to shortage of time all the major points of any particular topic gets skipped in the class or teacher rushes through , due to shortage of time. A worksheet thus provides a framework for the entire chapter and can help covering those important aspects which were rushed in the class and ensure that students record and understand all key items.

In a class of its say 40 students howsoever teacher tries to be active and work towards making each student understand whatever she has to teach in the class but there are always some students who tend to be in their own world and they wander in their thoughts.Worksheets which are provided timely to all the students, causes them to focus on the material at hand. it’s simply the difference between passive and active learning. Worksheets of this type can be used to introduce new material, particularly material with many new definitions and terms.

Worksheets help students be focussed and attentive in the class because they know after the class is over they will be assigned a worksheet which they need to solve so if they miss or skip any point in the class they may not be able to solve the worksheet completely and thereby lose reputation in the class.

Often students revise the chapter at home reading their respective textbooks. Thus more often than not they do miss many important points. Worksheets thus can be used intentionally to help guide student’s to consult textbooks. Having students write out responses encourages their engagement with the textbooks, the questions chosen indicate areas on which to focus. Explicitly discussing the worksheets and why particular questions are asked helps students reflect on what is important.