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Recent Reviews

Maharishi Vidya Mandir
Anuradha aravamudhan:

It is a good school with reasonable fee structure....

Delhi Public School
Patwari geetha:

good school teachings methods are nice ... worksheets are perfect

Excellent Public School
Arsha :

Good teaching and staffs. One of the good schools.

Bal Bharati Public School - Pitampura
Anju jain:

Many subject options for the students. Brilliant faculty. In short it is an amazing school and the students there are also very intelligent.

Dav Public School
Anju jain:

I went there but I didn't like the staff and the students are also I'll manners. Although the infrastructure was pretty decent. But I didn't like it.

Maharaja Agarsain Public School - Ashok Vihar
Anju jain:

The examinations held there are really good. Students enjoy doing fun activities. Teachers encourage children to participate more and more in other curriculum activities

Kendriya Vidyalaya - KV Bhandup
Meenal madavi:

Excellent coaching and personal attention. Our child enjoys being in school

Pon Vidyashram-Valasaravakkam
Sujitha hari:

Good school. One of the best schools in Chennai..Excellent

Mount Olympus School
World knowledge:

Good School in Gurgaon for child development. All Staff are very supportive.

The Air Force School
Priyansh sehrawat:

I did not liked this school as the behaviour of the teachers are very bad .

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