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Recent Reviews

Sri Chaitanya High School
Dasari seena:

It is a good school, giving all round development to children.

GD Goenka Public School - Vasant Kunj
Ishman bedi:

My school is very nice . The principal is very polite . She provides us with all the facilities so that children can study with lots of interest in studies

GD Goenka Public School - Vasant Kunj
Vijeta hunar angel:

Best school in delhi. excellent performance in sports and of braches are this school in india

Bal Bharati Public School - Pitampura
Laxmi pandit:

very good school,way of teaching is also good staff is also

KIIT World School
Archie gupta:

The school and enforced books on the students which are extremely expensive and contain a lot of extra matter which burdens the students. In a limited amount of time students have to memorise a lot of extra matter which the teachers fail to teach properly because of time boundations. As a teacher I can tell you that we were asked to set the toughest question paper so that the school always has an upper hand on the parents saying that their child is a bad scorer. Every month there is an exam and students are seriously petrified and exhausted. They have even categorised students as intelligent, average and weak and put them in different sections and teachers literally fight for good sections as they get better response there. But in al this students get tagged for their whole life as weak/intelligent. Would never recommend anyone to join this school.

St. Gregorios School
Aroha :

It's good to make a child to learn their basic education in a standard school, so that the child can choose a better future and become success in their life.

Silver Line Prestige School
Shefali sirohi:

It's a nice school. Focuses on child over all activity.

Chitrakoota School - Nagadevanahalli

The school is doing excellently well. I strongly recommend, of course getting a admission is a tough task.

School Of India, Bangalore
Vijayalaxmi biradar:

This school is good for kids, they teach yoga, karate, in a school activities, Teaching for students is good and taking care for students nicely , updated for all comparative exams

Delhi Public School - DPS Whitefield
Kala pani:

School is very good. Good coaching and encouragement to students

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