Basic Information

Principal/Director : Dr. Prashant Vasudev

Established in Year : 2005

School Category : Secondary School

Medium of School : English

Type of School : (Private) Day

Average Fee (Monthly) : NA

About DPSG Faridabad

DPSG FARIDABAD , one of the leading Best CBSE affiliated schools in Faridabad comes under the aegis of Delhi Public School Ghaziabad Society, which aims to empower every young scholar who enters its threshold with an unquenchable thirst for knowledge, an indomitable spirit of reasoning, a higher level of consciousness and above all to evolve into complete human beings. As the torchbearers of education, we leave no stone unturned in providing an extraordinary learning experience to our students.

 The school follows the progressive pattern of education of Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

Our academics pursuit, along with a range of extra curricular activities with careful planning and guidance, and this has helped in honing a child’s skills. The focal point in this development process is the inculcation of attitudes that leads the child to unfold naturally into a well-balanced individual, to meet the challenges of the world, as well as contribute responsibly to global growth.

In our journey to impart strong foundation to our students, we aim at taking the thought process of our students beyond the four walls of classrooms. They learn to ask why, how and when. They developed the attitude for exploring and bisecting any new concept learnt.

 The school is a trendsetter in providing quality education through the latest in educational aids and equipment and providing some unique amenities and facilities to create the proper ambiance for study. The worthiness of classroom teaching is significant. With this intention, we furnish the students with the paramount milieu and class -room teachers who incessantly strive to offer the encouragement amongst students to form bonds and association. Our teacher’s proficiency derives strength from his/ her competence, quality of leadership and above all compassion and magnanimity. Whilst high academic achievement is a priority, DPSGF is committed to providing an ordered, stimulating learning environment that encourages its students to uplift them to discover their innate abilities and foster them to understand their true calling and chase it with courage and conviction.

Group activities in the school inculcate the feeling of team spirit, patriotism and service to others and most importantly to the environment. The ideals of quality and excellence, with emphasis on human values, commitment, discipline, help to mould the student to adopt a modern, progressive and international outlook with a secular nature. The teachers are striving to bring every student of the school to acquire practical knowledge, which will be utilized in their day-to-day life to meet the ever-changing needs.

The lush green ambiance of the sprawling campus coupled with excellent playground offers an idyllic and serene backdrop for the holistic development of the child. The school offers a pollution free environment far away from the maddening crowd of the city life.  The spirit and the ethos of the school encapsulate and distinctively draw from the host culture. We envision an education system that breeds inspiration and innovation and kindles the dormant forces, faculties and talents of the students.

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