Basic Information

Principal/Director : Yasmin Khan

Established in Year : 2015

School Category : Middle School

Medium of School : English

Type of School : (Private) Day

Average Fee (Monthly) : NA

About The Paras World School
When there is any discussion on top schools in Gurgaon, the new name that has been included in the list is Paras World School. With the rise of this school, there comes a ray of hope in the sphere of unconventional method of learning and teaching. Having been associated and backed by the renowned Paras Group, the premier education institution has nailed its niche in quality education. The Paras lineage and the efforts it has been putting have claimed its rank in amongst the best schools in Gurgaon. The legacy that it holds definitely works like a charm in bestowing the confidence in revolutionizing the face of education in our country. With the philosophy that it adheres to of empowering education through iStream and the infrastructure that it provides with great bunch of faculty make it the most sought after school at present. When we mention Gurgaon, top schools have left their marks in the past. The Paras World School is the emerging star that has already made its visibility felt by the city and the country with some of the amazing events that they have organized and promise to continue that. Founded in the year 2015, in just one year, this school has contributed towards the nurturing and enhancement of a child’s potential to such an extent that within a quick span of time, it will acquire the position of best CBSE School, Gurgaon. The principal Ms Yashmin Khan promises to provide not only education that is a necessity but an environment that flourishes one’s potential. The cordial relationships between the faculty, non-teaching staff and the students are certain excerpts one should inculcate from this new but exceptional institution. If you are browsing through the excellent schools in Gurgaon, and you haven’t reached The Paras World School yet; you haven’t the best.
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Admission Procedure

Step 1 - Collection of Registration Form along with School Prospectus

Step 2 - Registration Fee: Rs. 1000 (Accepted as cash payment only)

Step 3 - Please carry with you the following documents when you visit the School to complete the registration process :

  • An age proof of the student ( Birth Certificate, Aadhar Card, Passport )
  • 4 passport sized photographs of the student ( with name of student written behind each photograph )
  • 2 photographs of both parents ( with name and relationship written behind the photograph )
  • Any 2 previous report cards ( if applicable )
  • Immunization Card of the prospective student
  • Registration & Application Form Fee: Rs. 1000 in Cash ( we do not accept Credit Cards & Cheques at the time of registration )

Students from Grade 3 upwards maybe required to take a short Placement Assessment in Language and Numeracy to assist us in placing them correctly. This assessment could be oral or written.

Step 4 - Introductory session with the Education Team and completion of Admission Formalities

Step 5 - Please click on the link to [ Register Now ]

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