CBSE Class 11 Home Science Previous Year Question Papers

Question Papers of Home Science for Class 11 are the best tool to prepare for final examinations. These previous year papers and board papers are in accordance with CBSE guidelines and prescribed syllabus and thus after solving them students get enough confidence and practice to face the forthcoming exams. Here on Ribblu one can get lot of Question Papers for Class 11 Home Science in PDF format for free

Total Papers : 5

Total Papers : 5

Class 11 Home Science Marks Distribution
Units Marks
Understanding oneself: Adolescence 22
Understanding Family, Community and Society 15
Childhood 15
Adulthood 18
Total Theory 70
Practical 30
Grand Total 100

Home Science Topics to be covered for Class 11 Arts

  • Understanding the self
  • Food, nutrition, health and fitness
  • Management of resources - Time, Money, Energy and Space
  • Fabric around Us
  • Relationships and interactions with “significant others”
  • Concerns and needs in diversecontexts
  • Nutrition, Health and Hygiene
  • Resource availability and Management
  • Survival, Growth and Development
  • Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing
  • Our Apparels
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial Management and Planning
  • Care and Maintenance of Fabrics
  • Salient features of income generatingschemes
  • Career Options after Home Science Education

Structure of CBSE Home Science Sample Paper for Class 11 Arts is

Type of Question Marks per Question Total No. of Questions Total Marks
Objective Type Questions 1 18 18
Short Answer Type Questions 2 5 10
Case Study & Picture Based Questions 3 2 6
Long Answer Type Questions - 1 4 4 16
Long Answer Type Questions - 2 5 4 20
Total 33 70

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In order to access the level of preparation done by any particular student he or she needs to solve Previous Year Question Papers. These papers act as perfect tools to practise for the final board exam. If one wants to get a clear look and feel of how final exam papers are framed in terms of level of difficulty, time and other aspects then , all students must make sure that they attempt these papers once their course revision is finished. Few benefits of solving Previous Question Papers are given below:

  • Revising the subject is very good practice but until and unless one Solves the past question papers in the lookalike environment as in board exam or final class room exam, there is most likely that student may not be able to identify and check whether the understanding of all concepts of the subject are complete or not. It is only after students attempt the question paper in the same time frame he or she is able to judge the capability of solving the paper in the stipulated time frame. It highlights the weak areas if any and gives students ample amount of time to work on those areas and be better prepared before exams.
  • Knowing everything is great but it is of no use unless the implementation and results are not matching with that. There is always a risk of the case in which in spite of knowing everything a student falls short of time to complete the entire question paper and thus loses marks. Generally CBSE Board papers and previous year questions are generally of 3 hour duration. So while practicing such papers it is imperative to create a final exam or board like environment at home and ensure that the Question paper is attempted only in 3 hours and then check whether it was possible to complete the paper in the desired amount of time. Often at first students take longer than expected, and thus they get early warning to practice more and increase the speed.
  • Students with anxiety issues need previous year papers more than anyone for overcoming such issues. Since they do not know what questions will be asked in the CBSE board they create panic in their mind due to this fear of the unknown and get scared with the idea that they might not be able to do well in exams. Thus such students need to complete at-least 7-10 Question papers prior to the exams, to gain confidence and get into a better frame of mind.
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