CBSE Class 11 Home Science Test Papers, Unit Tests and Periodic Assessment Exams

Home Science Test Papers for Class 11 are the collection of past unit test papers and periodic assessment class test papers which helps students to prepare for upcoming monthly quarterly half yearly and annual exams. Here on Ribblu one can get a lot of Test Papers for Class 11 Home Science in PDF format for free.

Total Papers : 3

Total Papers : 3

Class 11 Home Science Marks Distribution
Units Marks
Understanding oneself: Adolescence 22
Understanding Family, Community and Society 15
Childhood 15
Adulthood 18
Total Theory 70
Practical 30
Grand Total 100

Home Science Topics to be covered for Class 11 Arts

  • Understanding the self
  • Food, nutrition, health and fitness
  • Management of resources - Time, Money, Energy and Space
  • Fabric around Us
  • Relationships and interactions with “significant others”
  • Concerns and needs in diversecontexts
  • Nutrition, Health and Hygiene
  • Resource availability and Management
  • Survival, Growth and Development
  • Nutrition, Health and Wellbeing
  • Our Apparels
  • Health and Wellness
  • Financial Management and Planning
  • Care and Maintenance of Fabrics
  • Salient features of income generatingschemes
  • Career Options after Home Science Education

Structure of CBSE Home Science Sample Paper for Class 11 Arts is

Type of Question Marks per Question Total No. of Questions Total Marks
Objective Type Questions 1 18 18
Short Answer Type Questions 2 5 10
Case Study & Picture Based Questions 3 2 6
Long Answer Type Questions - 1 4 4 16
Long Answer Type Questions - 2 5 4 20
Total 33 70

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Why Attempting Past Test Papers are Important for Exam Preparation?

Test papers are mainly class test papers that the subject teacher had prepared in the past for previous students. Thus when students attempt such practice test papers they get to know the framework which the subject teacher is following in making examination papers. Apart from reference books and notes, Test Papers are very effective study materials for exam preparation. When a student tries to attempt previous test papers , it becomes very easy to gauge how well the topics have been understood and what kind of questions are asked in exams related to that chapter.

As they say before facing the main battle one needs to practice on small fights and get expertise and that will make sure the success in the finals. Similarly in order to score high marks in annual exams, it is imperative to attempt previous test papers so that the student identifies and checks whether the understanding of all concepts of the already prepared chapters of any particular subject are complete or not. It highlights the weak areas if any and gives students ample amount of time to revisit the topics and work on those areas and be better prepared before exams.

Periodic Test papers, Weekly tests and Unit Test papers are usually framed on few chapters of the syllabus thus the concentration of questions asked are of good depth thus when a student attempts those papers, it makes sure that no topic or fundamental concept has been skipped by students while studying any chapter.

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