CBSE Sample Question Paper for Class 11 Legal Studies

Now a days it is a must, to go through CBSE sample question papers before appearing for the final exam. Though it is recommended to complete all the NCERT textbooks to excel in exams, but to get an upper edge , one should always have a close look at the sample papers and practice by solving them before final exams.

Total Papers : 1

Total Papers : 1

Class 11 Legal Studies Marks Distribution
Units Marks
Theory and Nature of Political Institutions 15
Nature and sources of law 15
Historical Evolution of Indian Legal System 10
Judiciary: Constitutional, Civil and Criminal Courts and Process 20
Family Justice System 20
Project on Unit 2 20
Total 100

Legal Studies Topics to be covered for Class 11 Arts

  • Concept of State/Nation
  • Organs of Government
  • Separation of Powers
  • Basic features of Constitution of India
  • Nature, meaning and School of law
  • Classification of law
  • Sources of law
  • Law Reform
  • Ancient Indian Law
  • Administration of Justice in British India
  • Making of the Indian Constitution
  • Constitution: Roles and Impartiality
  • Hierarchy of Courts
  • The Civil Court Structure
  • Structure and functioning of Criminal Courts in India
  • Other Courts in India
  • Introduction to family laws
  • Institutional Framework
  • Marriage and Divorce, Children, Domestic Violence
  • Property, Succession & Inheritance

Structure of CBSE Legal Studies Sample Paper for Class 11 Arts is

Type of Question Marks per Question Total No. of Questions Total Marks
Objective Type Questions 1 20 20
Short Answer Type Questions 2 8 16
Long Answer Type Questions - 1 4 5 20
Long Answer Type Questions - 2 6 4 24
Total 37 80

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Why Sample Papers, Previous Year CBSE Board Papers and Important questions are important for the success in Class 11 Board Exams?

When it comes to the Legal Studies for 11th class under the Central Board of School (CBSE) Board, it is considered to be the most important subject and immensely scoring compared to other subjects. But the irony is that Legal Studies is considered the most daunting and dreadful subject by many students who feel this subject gives them nightmare. But the experience says that if the subject is handled and tackled properly it can fetch great dividends effectively. The in-depth understanding of fundamental concepts and practice are the two essential keys for cracking the formula of success in this subject.

How To Build Strong Foundation?

As some one has rightly said that great heights can only be attained if the foundation is strong and sturdy. This holds true for Legal Studies subjects also because if basics are clear, then All the problems are solved with ease only.

One can follow few tips mentioned below for strengthening the basic concepts:

  • Be Fully Attentive in the class while new topics are being taught by your respective teacher. No doubts should be left hovering in your head. Even if you feel your questions are silly, ask immediately as and when they arise with you teachers or tutors.
  • Group discussions among friends are a great way to resolve any further doubts regarding the topics. Thus if possible one should make study groups with like minded friends and fix a particular to discuss relevant doubts and problems. This technique is considered to be the most effective during the preparation of Legal Studies exams.
  • There are several online sources for CBSE class 11 Legal Studies topics. Youtube Videos are the most popular resources where one can get extensive explanatory videos on almost each topic.

Practice Makes the Man Perfect.

For Mastering the Legal Studies Subject, One has to go through lots of practice, Yes practicing solving lots of problems, solving numerous types of questions on each topic. Once basic concepts and fundamentals have been learnt, the next thing is to learn their applications by practicing problems. Practicing the problems helps us immensely to gauge how well we have understood the concepts.

Certain Points needs to be kept in mind while solving problems:

  • One should try to approach and solve a wide variety of problems thereby covering all the relevant topics, rather than sticking to similar ones.
  • One or Two reference books should be considered for solving extra questions.
  • Try to solve previous year question papers. This helps to boost your confidence while solving new varieties of problems which may appear in the exam.
  • Start solving Sample Papers when the exam dates are nearing to get an actual feel of how the Legal Studies paper might be.
  • Try to focus on eliminating committing silly mistakes while solving the problems such as multiplying instead of adding, mixing up the positive and negative signs etc.

On you get lot of resource material to practice which includes sample question papers, worksheets, test papers, previous year board papers, important questions, solved papers, model papers everything free in PDF format.

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